Welcome to the website of the manufacturing company PK PODARKI!

Our company specializes in the production and trading of affordable designer gifts, souvenirs, model kits, slate boards, wall clocks, etc.
We offer gifts for all kinds of holidays and events – New Year, Christmas, International Women's Day, Easter, St. Valentine's Day. In our assortment you can find good presents for birthday, anniversary, and just funny and humorous gifts!
Our products are individually designed. All items are packed in transparent bags. Domestic manufacture ensures a stable and affordable price. We have modern equipment, which is regularly updated. Following the trends of gift market, we quickly assimilate new technologies.
We believe that a gift must not only bring joy, but also be affordable!
We wish you beneficial shopping!
The website contains wholesale prices.


Хиты продаж

  • HSK-034
    330.00 руб.
    Часы.Часы Морской Якорь
    Артикул: ЧСК-034
  • ORG-011
    50.00 руб.
    Органайзеры.Органайзер на магните "С 8 Марта!"
    Артикул: ОРГ-011


  • KNV-032
    15.00 руб.
    Конверты-открытки для денег.Конверт-открытка
    Артикул: КНВ-032
  • KNV-030
    15.00 руб.
    Конверты-открытки для денег.Конверт-открытка
    Артикул: КНВ-030